Department: Trade and Commerce



Deputy Executive Director:

Tel: 061 283 7331
Fax: 061 259 676

Private Secretary: Ms. Trina Kachele
Tel: 061 283 7333
Fax: 061 259 676

Ms. Maria Pogisho
Tel: +264 61 283 7239
Fax: +264 61 222 576

The core function of the Directorate of Commerce is to ensure the development of a vibrant and competitive domestic economy and market conditions.

This function entails the following:

  • Formulation and administration of laws and policies geared towards creating and enhancing an environment conducive for the effective establishment and operation of businesses and commercial activities in the country;
  • Promotion and protection of consumer rights through regular inspections and enforcement of product standards, weights and measures at retail levels as well as consumer awareness campaigns;
  • Promotion and enhancement of nationally and internationally competitive industrial and product quality and standards at factory levels (Standards Act, 2005);
  • Promotion of fair competition in the domestic market (Competition Act, 2003);
  • Promotion and registration of innovations, inventions and technology transfer – copyrights, patents, trademarks and designs - for the enhancement of industrial capacity and productivity.
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