Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the procedures to be followed by SME’s to be registered companies?


Sole Proprietor



File CC8: Name  reservation, once approved file for CC1: Registration

File CM5 & CM8
Easier and Faster

Done through lawyers: Memorandum and Articles of association

File CM5: Name reservation, once approved.

Consent letter from the would-be auditors

Renewable every 2 years



  • Further instructions are at the back of all forms
  • MTI does not register joint ventures – but a group of individuals can register as cc
  • Ideally, the registration should be completed within 5 working days; however, due to on-going reforms at the company registration, it may take longer.
  • 2. What documents do they need to bring with or present to the Ministry officials for registration?

ID numbers of the owner (Passport for foreigners)

  • 3. How long should they be in existence in order to be registered?

It is preferred that before the business start operating it should be registered as these proceeds:

  • Opening of business account
  • Registration of VAT or Tax number
  • Certification of fitness from the local authority
  • SME certification

NB: there however exists no law forcing the registration of business.

  • 4. Do they need to meet special requirements such as assets and cash balance to be registered?


  • 5. What other assistance is the Ministry having for the SME’s?
  • Industrial Operating Space
  • Equipment Aid Scheme
  • Provision of technical and advisory services
  • Conducting of feasibility studies
  • Formation of business plans
  • Mentorship services
  • Training
  • Exposure visits and trade fairs
  • Product development
  • SME certification
  • 6.Where in the country can they register?

At all MTI office country (all 13 regions) 

7. Who can they contact for more information?

Chief Clerk – Company Registration

Ms. I. Kazonda

061 283 7225

Principal Economist – Patents & Business registry

Ms. A. Husselmann

061 283 7240

Director - Commerce

Mr. T.S. Andima

061 283 7262


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