Industrial Development Programme

Promote manufacturing and Entrepreneurship Development.

The overall objective of this programme is to oversee the overall industrial development and industrialisation of the country. The mission is to achieve equitable and sustainable industrial development, income and employment creation by providing an enabling environment through pro-active, accountable leadership and professional services and to create conditions necessary for increased investment and the development of a robust and competitive industrial sector in the country.

(a) Industrial Planning and Development

  • To achieve a 10% increase in the contribution of manufacturing output and value added activities to GDP by 2019.


  • The Peugeot Opel Assembly Plant Joint Venture was approved by cabinet and launched;
  • The NIDA Board was appointed;
  • Brakwater Industrial Park was completed;
  • An Industry assessment for the development of a school uniform manufacturing sector in Namibia was completed.

(b) Small Business Development

The SME sector has proven to be one of the most important means of reducing unemployment and poverty due their flexibilities and low investments required. The current estimate of SME contribution to GDP is 12% in 2014. The specific ministerial target is that SME contribution to GDP should be increased by 20% by 2022. It was based on projected growth in the SME sector as the result of targeted interventions such as providing SMEs with productive equipment, improved access to affordable finance, and improved mentoring and training through the establishment of technology centers.


  • To achieve a 20% increase in the contribution of the SME sector to GDP by 2019


  • 10 Entrepreneurs where trained in wool production practices (sheep shearing and wool sorting) at ‘Gellap-Ost’ Research Farm;
  • Under the Wool Sector Strategy work, 8 trainers underwent train the trainer certification from South African experts;
  • The Charcoal Sector Strategy’s association finalized work on ‘new/improved charcoal production technology.’ The aim is to rollout these new environmentally friendly mobile retorts through line of credit with the development finance institutions.
  • Ten (10) people underwent gemstone training at Karibib the areas of gemstone cutting and polishing;
  • The Charcoal Sector Strategy produced the booklet ‘Good practises for Namibian Charcoal’ which was made available to more than 600 Namibia Charcoal Association members;
  • Under the Charcoal Sector Strategy work was initiated to obtained Namibian Forest Stewardship Council certification by 2020; and  
  • Under the Gemstones and Colored Jewelry Growth Strategy, MITSMED organized the first Namibian Colored Gemstone and Jewelry Showcase in October 2017.  

(c) Peugeot Opel Assembly Namibia

walv2018President Geingob sharing a light moment with the attendess at the event.

His Excellency, Dr. Hage Geingob, President of the Republic of Namibia, officially launched and unveiled the Peugeot-Namibia plant today, 5 December 2018 at Walvis Bay (New Industrial Area, Farm 23, Wanderdunen, Trekope, NDC Building).This follows a signed investment agreement facilitating the joint-venture agreement between Groupe PSA and Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) to assemble OPEL and PEUGEOT vehicles in Walvis Bay. The assembly anticipates achieving a target volume of 5000 units by 2020 to meet the SACU countries market demand. The OPEL Grandland X and PEUGEOT 3008 will be the first outputs from this factory, other products will follow to meet customer demand.

It is our hope that the Peugeot Opel Assembly Namibia Plant will be a project that will bolster the diversification strategy set out in our Growth at Home Strategy. We expect our local small and medium enterprises to incur benefit from this investment, further enabling Namibia to realize the positive externalities and spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).


President   Geingob offcially unveiled the Peugeot Opel Assembly Plant

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