Investment Promotion Programme

Programme Objective

The purpose of this programme is to achieve an increase in number, value and nature of domestic and foreign direct investment in Namibia. This objective will be achieved by, among others, creating an enabling environment for investment, which involves having in place an appropriate legal and regulatory framework; a proper plan and strategy for marketing Namibia as a preferred investment location, supportive investment incentives and enhancing a positive competitiveness ranking of Namibia

  •  Achievement during the 2016/17 financial year including the HPP targets

 The Namibia Investment Promotion Act signed into law. This law will replace the Foreign Investment Act, 1990. Among others, the new law provides for transparent admission procedures for investors, the reservation of certain categories of business and sectors, and the establishment of an Integrated Client Service Facility or one-stop-shop. Although the law is currently gazetted into law, its implementation is still on hold pending resolution of issues raised by the private sector and finalisation of the regulations.

  • Establishment of the Integrated Client Service Facility or one-stop-shop aimed at improving the Ease of Doing Business in Namibia through streamlining the procedures of starting a business in Namibia. Core stakeholders (BIPA, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Office of the Prime Minister, and Social Security Commission) have been extensively engaged. The project is structured in five phases, and the first two phases have been completed.  
  • The revision of current investment incentives regime to ensure they continue being an effective tool for attracting the required quantity and quality of investments especially into the priority sectors of manufacturing, agro-processing, transport and logistics and tourism; A submission to Cabinet on Special Economic Zones incentives has been submitted.
  • Hosting of the Invest in Namibia Investment Conference 2016 served to promote selected projects and investment opportunities to potential investors. A Joint Venture Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement and Cooperation agreement between the Namibia Investment Centre and European investment promotion agency was signed during the conference as well a number of enquiries and follow-ups have been received to date.
  • Priority intervention planned for the next MTEF or under HPP targets

 Finalise and implement the Integrated Client Service Facility to address ease of doing business and contribute to Namibia competitiveness ranking.

  • Profiling and appraisal of new investment opportunities in four priority sectors (manufacturing, agro-processing, transport and logistics and tourism).
  • Targeted investment promotion approach and development of an investment promotion strategy and plan that will align promotional activities, facilitation of inbound and outbound missions with the Harambee Prosperity Plan, National Development Plans, Industrial policy and the Growth at Home Strategy.

(c) Policy interventions
Revise and implement the Investment Law
Finalize and implement the Regulation
Develop new Investment Incentives in priority sectors 
Develop and implement Targeted investment promotion strategy
Finalise and implement the Integrated Client Service Facility

(d) Sector wide achievements recorded by NIC

    • Support to the industries through the NCCI.
    • Jobs created during the period were 115
    • Investment facilitated N$ 687,200,000.00
    • Mission facilitated 6 inward and 6 outward missions
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