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Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development is charged with the responsibility of spearheading the development and expansion of the country’s trade and industry sector, as an important source of growth, employment and the country’s ability to compete in the regional and global markets. In this regard, the Ministry devises appropriate policy and legal frameworks and programmes for attracting and facilitating domestic and foreign direct investment, promoting and entrepreneurial culture and a dynamic local industries sector, as well as for expanding and diversifying industrial production, export markets and sources of production inputs. Tthe following important activities among others were undertaken during 2016/17 finacial year:

1.MITSMED hosted a successful International Investment Conference and worked closely with the Presidential Advisors. The main objective of the conference was to attract strategic investors and business ventures for selected and prioritized sector-based investment projects for Namibia.

2.MITSMED launched the MSME policy that was approved by cabinet and parliament. The major objectives of the policy are to foster the development of MSMEs by adopting international good practices for modernization and upgrading of technology. The ministry also launched the 10 growth strategies after a public private dialogue process with relevant stakeholders approved the strategies to enhance value addition, expand industrial output and increasing growth rates.

3.National Single Window, the MITSMED through the department of International Trade in collaboration with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) facilitated a consultative workshop on National Single Window (NSW) project. The project hopes to significantly reduce the time as well as cost of shipping goods across national borders and lower trade costs, improve the competitiveness of a country’s products regionally and internationally.

The continual recurring theme of MITSMED’s “Growth at Home” concept and strategy in line with Vision 2030 and NDP5, reinforces the importance of accelerating economic growth, reducing income inequality and increasing employment creation. The strategy also looks at commodity-based industrilisation by strengthening local as well as national value chains and creating more efficient linkages within the economy. The aim is to develop value chains based on locally available raw materials, include a regional value chains concept by accelerating regional value chains that enhance economic integration.

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