Office of the Executive Secretary

Executive Director's Office

Amb. Steve kantjiuanjo
Executive Director
Tel: +264 61 283 7332
Fax:+264 61 220 227

The Office of the Executive Secretary is responsible for, amongst others:

Chief Policy Advisor
Administrative Assistant

Mr. Olavi Haikera
Tel: +264 61 283 7343

Ms. Anna Ashaanda
Tel: +264 61 283 7332

Providing support to the Minister of Industrialization,Trade and SME Development in all areas of his/her responsibility

  • Coordinating, guinding and monitoring the planning for and implementation of all programmes of the Ministry
  • Ensuring implementation of and compliance with the laws and policies of the Government, especially those specifically assigned to the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development
  • Managing the financial and other resources of the Ministry
  • Supporting the work of the agencies and State-owned enterprises by the Ministry in exercising aspects of the mandate of the Ministry delegated to them for implementation
  • Managing external relations with stakeholders outside the Ministry within Government or the public at large.
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