International Trade Programme

The main purpose of this programme is to increase the volume, value and range of Namibian goods and services that are exported as well as securing external markets and preferential market access for local products.  The programme has three main activities which are trade promotion through local and foreign trade fairs and exhibitions/ trade missions; market research and development and the management of bilateral, regional and multilateral trade.

During the first quarter of the 2014/15 financial year, the Ministry provided assistance to Namibian exporters and manufacturers by providing marketing information and identification of export opportunities. The aim is to penetrate foreign markets and create economic growth through increased trade. Henceforth, a total of ten (10) companies in the charcoal industry were provided with market information. In addition, six (6) desk studies and two (2) primary researches were conducted and reports of findings produced.

Furthermore, the Ministry provided financial and technical support to various local companies and entrepreneurs to participate in trade fairs and exhibitions in Namibia and beyond our borders. Seventy eight (78) companies benefited from this support on which the Ministry spent N$126,397 Trade missions to China, Hong Kong and Dubai markets to seek market access for fish, beef and grapes was also undertaken during the period under review.

With regard to the Management of Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral Trade during the period under review, the Ministry participated in the activities related to the consolidation of SADC FTA and deepening regional economic integration with the main objective to secure market access for Namibian products and increased export markets within the SADC region. The Ministry also led negotiations on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) as part of the SADC EPA Group. The technical negotiations on the EPA were concluded in June 2014 and that has guaranteed continuation of current market access for beef, fish and grape exports to the EU markets. Other negotiations through which the Ministry spearheaded Namibia’s participation during the reporting period pertain to the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite FTA negotiations. The conclusion of this Agreement is expected to boost exports for Namibian products beyond SADC to the markets of COMESA and EAC under the tripartite arrangement.


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